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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Qarshi Research International

Each participant shall be obliged to abide by the following terms of conditions:
  1. Acknowledge that Terms and Conditions of Proficiency Testing may change at any time.
  2. Assure your laboratory is capable of performing required testing prior to enrolling in the PT.
  3. Treat proficiency test items in the same manner as the majority of routinely tested samples.
  4. All participants can use their routine method of analysis.
  5. Pay the participation fee in advance (The fee covers receipt of samples, preliminary report and final report).
  6. Submit the results to QRI, in the manner specified, by the due date mentioned on the protocol (provided with the samples).
  7. All data and information received by QRI from participants will be considered as confidential.
  8. All reports and the data cannot be published in any form without permission of the QRI.
  9. Lab is providing EOI with detailed instruction please complete Performa and send back to QRI.
  10. In exceptional circumstances when a regulatory authority requires PT results to be directly provided to the authority from QRI then the results will be provided to the authority with information to participant.
  11. In exceptional circumstances when an interested party requires PT results to be directly provided to them from QRI then the affected participant is also informed about this requirement in written to get consent.

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