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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Qarshi Research International

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • The security of your personal information is of utmost important to us, and your privacy is highly valued. The steps taken to protect this information are explained below in detail under the Privacy Policy.
  • • To provide our customers with a better understanding, the Privacy Policy highlights the data collection process, its usage as well as circumstances under which this data may be disclosed. Steps taken to secure the obtained personal information are also elaborated upon. By visiting this site through any channels, you have accepted the laid-out policies.
  • Protecting our customers’ data and respecting their privacy is imperative to QRI therefore, your name along with any other personal data will only be utilized in the way explained in this Privacy Policy. Your information will only be collected if it is relevant to the data collection and testing process.
  • This data will only be kept for as long as it is necessary however, it may not necessarily be accessible to our team. It may also remain with QRI if legally required.
  • The app can be opened and browsed anonymously. A visitor will only be identified if they already have an account and log in through their username and password.

What personal data does QRI collect?

  • For visitors of the app, multiple bits of personal information may be required.
  • This data is gathered and stored to provide you with information through our app as well as to process data collection, while considering possible claims that may arise later. The information collected may include but is not limited to your following details: name, gender, date of birth, email address, delivery address, phone number and bank account particulars or any other data necessary for online payment.
  • Furthermore, this data is also utilized to communicate with you as well as to improve the services provided by QRI. It is used to administer your account which includes customer authentication, audit download data and enhance website layout. To better cater consumer needs, QRI conducts research on visitors’ demographics and incorporate the results into our customer relationship management process. Through this, customers can be notified about their required information and, with consent, can also receive email alerts. You may opt out of this service any time you need.
  • The data customers provide with is visible to them once they have logged in. Moreover, details regarding testing, such as its competition status and download options, are also visible here.
  • QRI, does not disclose in any manner, unless otherwise asked by the competent authority or required by a court of law whatsoever, customer’s confidential information and proprietary rights relating to testing, calibration and proficiency testing, products, business data, management decisions and future planning that may come to the knowledge or possession which, according to the company, shall necessarily be confidential and form valuable property of the company. Confidential information can be provided on demand or request by law or regulatory bodies with prior information to customer in writing.
  • QRI is responsible for the protection of its customer’s confidential information and proprietary rights, including the protection of the electronic storage and transmission of results. QRI takes written permission in case of any public domain and informs the customer in advance. When an interested party requires the proficiency, testing results to be directly provided by the proficiency testing provider, the participants shall be made aware in advance of PT participation.


  • QRI has put measures in place to ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized and unlawful access or to accidental loss and destruction. The data is collected on a secure server with firewall however, this level of security may require repeated proof of identify therefore request for personal information for your security. Any breeches on your end are entirely your responsibility.

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