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Testing Services

QRI offers a large variety of accredited and non-accredited physical, chemical, microbiological, and environmental testing in different sample matrices. From farm to fork we ensure the food safety of your products in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and regulations by using the latest technologies, state of the art equipment & standard methods to provide you the accurate, reliable and rapid results.

Physical Testing

Our physical testing lab offer various types of testing for Pharmaceutical products, Herbal raw materials, Packaging materials & Stability studies services.

  • Pharmaceutical testing services; Quality is supreme in the pharmaceutical industry as people’s lives are directly dependent on the Quality of medicines given to them for the treatment of diseases. To get the intended and valid information about the efficacy or safety of a drug, it is much important to have a reliable partner for testing of pharmaceutical products, to attain this, QRI Physical testing lab regularly undertakes pharmacopeial testing based on USP, BP & IP OR Testing using client's own or in-house methods.


  • Herbal Raw material testing; It is crucially important for ensuring Safety, Quality and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Hence, raw material analysis is essential to determine the purity, identity and quality of the raw materials before they go into the manufacturing process. QRI Physical testing lab offer various testing parameters for Herbal raw materials.

Testing is carried out based on Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, BP, IP, WHO monograph etc..


  • Stability studies; Stability studies of a product is the study of the capability of a particular formulation, in a specific container/ Closure system to remain within its physical, Chemical and Microbiological specifications throughout its predetermined shelf life under specified storage conditions. Normally it is done to establish shelf life or expiry date for the products.

Physical, Chemical & Microbiological parameters are tested as per customer requirement at each specified study.

We shall design Plan & Protocols for Stability Studies according to the Current Regulatory Requirements for your products as per ICH guidelines & ASEAN.

Normally two type of stability studies are being carried out as below;

S. No.



Storage condition

Testing frequency


Accelerated Conditions

6 Months

Temperature= 40 ± 2oC Humidity = 75 ± 5%

To, T3, T6


Long Term Study

(Room Conditions)

As per shelf Life

Temperature = 30 ± 2oC Humidity = 75 ± 5 %.

 (i) First Year (Initial) 

Testing = To, T3, T6,T9, T12,

(ii) Second year = every six months T18, T24

(iii)Third Year = Annually T36

However, storage conditions and testing frequency can be changed as per customer requirement,


  • Packaging material testing; The primary purpose of packaging is to protect its contents from any damage that could happen during transport, handling and storage. Packaging retains the product intact throughout its logistics chain from manufacturer to the end user.

As, packaging materials are comprised of various materials and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so need complete testing to determine whether they are fit to protect the product being packed in it. Packaging material Testing is carried out as per ASTM & TAPPI methods.

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